Landing out

We are very happy for glider pilots to land at Hinderclay, as it is a known environment, and this is usually a better option than a field landing. The runway is 30 metres wide, so even open class gliders will have sufficient room, although you must stay in the middle!. The grass is kept short.

After landing please move the glider COMPLETELY off  the runway so other aircraft may land. This is MANDATORY. If any of our pilots are present they will assist with this.

Retrieves may be by air or road. . If using a tug we advise calling one of us to get a briefing. The tug MUST NOT land with the rope deployed as there are wires at the threshold of runway 22, and if you take them down you will have to pay for the repairs!! 

Low powered tugs must not tow heavy (Two seaters and Open Class) gliders from Hinderclay - we tow a Duo Discus XLT with a Robin DR400. If you would like a tow contact Martin or Terry.

If you use a trailer retrieve please park your vehicles off the runway and de-rig off the runway.

There is a fee of £ 5.00 for each glider landing – this is paid to the local Parish Council.